After-Sales Service

A, the responsibility of customer service

1. Take the customer as the center, to provide advisory services;

To solve customers; raise the question 2.

3. Assist sales staff to prepare for product marketing;

4. Provide customers with first-class service, establish a good image company;

5. Equipment for the company's products provide a strong after-sales service guarantee.

Second, the content of the service:

1. The product technical consulting; 2. Product installation and debugging; 3. After-sale products maintenance and repair; 4. Provide technical data for new products.

Three, service mode:

1. The hotline: 13502962078 2. Debugging engineer door-to-door service; 3. The company's web site to provide services

Four, service commitments:

1. The pre -

1) the user telephone hotline service

2) according to the needs of users to provide planning and design of the equipment.

2. The sale

1) to provide users with the products of the company's on-site installation, commissioning;

2) to provide users with the products of the company's fault, debugging and on-site installation.

3. After

One year warranty: since the date of equipment acceptance, the user equipment purchased products all can enjoy one year warranty service.

Long-term maintenance: users enjoy paid maintenance services for a long time (replacement parts additional fees)

Five, the service acceptance:

1) received the hotline should be timely and comprehensive solutions, to make a good record of user problems at the same time;

2) if the problem won't answer in time, to make detailed records, and other engineers to discuss to solve, ensure that 2 hours to reply to the user.

Service Center


Contact person: Mr. Lin ( Manager )

Tel: 13502962078

Fax: 0754-88100955

Address: Shantou City, Guangdong

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Zip code: 515021